Testimonials and Case Studies

We take our client’s businesses seriously. Receiving feedback is an important part of operating an efficient call centre with a focus on quality and customer service. Below are a few examples of the feedback and case studies of work that we have received over recent years.


While we were introduced to “The Call Centre” somewhat by accident it was a fortuitous contact for us. Our motto is ‘personal, friendly, efficient and localised service”. John and his team have gloved in perfectly, not only covering our “down times” but emergency backup as has been required on some occasion. Now they are to grips with our operation it is a combined process fine-tuning and extending our co-operation. We will speak to anyone requiring more detail or confirmation of how we operate with The Call Centre.

  • George Aker
  • Sun City Taxis
I have been a duty counsellor for Vitae for the past 12 years – about that time I can’t remember when I started. And last week was my last week on call. Reflecting back on the years which I have been doing this job I feel I need to acknowledge and thank you and the team for your cooperative and willing service. Being on call has sometimes been a challenging role for me, cutting into my home life. Sometimes I’ve had calls in the middle of the night when I’ve been fast asleep or driving the car, shopping, or cooking and last week just as I was presenting my daughter her birthday cake smothered in burning candles round a table of 11 people of all ages celebrating and the phone rings. Sometimes the mobile connection has been terrible and I’ve had to call back on the land line, another time we had a black out in the house just after a tornado and I needed time to sort myself out before I took the call, but no matter what the circumstances you have always accommodated the transfer to the client in a helpful way and with patience as I prepared myself. Through the initial contact with the clients you have enabled the link to me as duty counsellor to make an immediate connection with the client. There have been times when you have heard too much and have received more than you needed from the client. I recall an incident with Adele recently, although I can’t recall the client, I do remember Adele was on the receiving end of an earful. My feeling I have of the years of being on call was that I was not isolated – the client at one end (and they may have been anywhere in the country) – me at the other and you in the middle connecting us. The job you do and the way you do it is great. Thank you for all you have done over the years while I have been on call. Best wishes.
  • Gillian
  • Counsellor
I think it’s about time that I send an email to thank you and your team for such a fantastic service. Kerry was also very impressed on how you picked up on the number of live kits the other day when the system dropped. Since The Call Centre took over the service I’ve never received a complaint from CordBank. Simply amazing!
  • David Manager
  • Urgent Couriers
We’re an outsourced IT provider and our service includes after-hours support. The Call Centre does an excellent job of managing our after-calls. The team ensures all information is logged directly into our system and the on-call engineer is contacted. They proactively manage calls ensuring escalations are actioned when needed and our client is kept informed. I’m completely satisfied with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Call Centre’s services.
  • Jodie Korber
  • Managing Director
  • Lanrex Pty, Sydney
The Thermal Solutions group of companies has had the pleasure of contracting The Call Centre’s services for almost 3 years now. In that time we have relied on the efficient communication and professionalism John’s team provides to ensure our nationwide corporate clients afterhours phone calls are handled with upmost accuracy, and in a timely manner. I have no hesitation in recommending The Call Centre to others.
  • Jarrod Harris
  • Manager
  • Thermal Solutions Ltd
The Call Centre has been Niu Pacific Limited’s preferred provider of telephone interview services for several years. Our research division specialises in social and market research for government and private sector clients. Such research often requires a quantitative component. This usually comprises a random sample of sometimes up to a 1000 New Zealanders. The Call Centre has all the skills we require for sampling, interviewing and data processing. It also has the overall management ability to make sure a job is completed on time and to budget. We unequivocally recommend them to others in the research industry.
  • Barrie Cook
  • Managing Director
  • Niu Pacific Ltd
SSi have used the services of The Call Centre since 2003 and have been pleased with the service and response from the Call Centre team who receive our afterhours calls. Our client base is global and with the varied time zones, having a 24 hour response allows a timely response for the issues that may arise. The Call Centre Team have clear instructions for receiving and logging the after hours calls and accommodate changes to these arrangements if required. The Call Centre provides a professional, effective service. Thank you.
  • Lynn Morris
  • Customer Services Manager
  • Systems, Software & Instrumentation Ltd
I wish to place on record our appreciation of the services provided by yourself and the Call Centre staff during our consortium’s acquisition of Otago Power Limited shares. Your willingness and ability to set up the service at extremely short notice was crucial to the success of our initiative and the outcome is testament to the competence of your Team. Many issues arose during the six week period, often due to the actions of other competing parties, but throughout the process the support of your Call Centre enabled us to retain credibility and achieve our goals. Once again John, thank you for a job well done.
  • Jim Dawson
  • Corporate Services Manager
  • Powernet
I’m writing to you to say a big thank you for the outstanding service you personally and your company have provided Visionstream. The way in which your call centre team assisted us through our start up phase in New Zealand was exemplary. In particular,
I’d like to compliment you on the expertise of your team leaders who were regularly tasked with dealing with urgent outbound calling projects, often to several hundred people, and who were always cooperative and ‘unflappable’. “If you ever need a reference site you are welcome to use us.
  • Liz
  • Meyers
  • Visionstream
  • 787ae9ec9023a82f5aa7e4c1a64f73cb_XS
The Call Centre management and staff continuously work with us to understand our business and this enables them to provide professional backup services. We have established a partnership based on trust and understanding. Any concerns are dealt with immediately and because we have worked together to ensure The Call Centre’s CSRs have information readily available, any concerns are minor and easily remedied.
  • Jean Anderson
  • Customer Services Manager
  • The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

At Urgent Couriers we have a need for a high quality after hours call centre service for booking of blood samples from all around the country to come back to Auckland. Our requirements are quite extensive, requiring The Call Centre to text/email groups, book collections with other courier/taxi companies around the country, follow up to ensure items are consigned on flights and then contact our courier with flight details. The Call Centre have done an excellent job tailoring their system to our requirements and are very easy to work with. We’ve been using The Call Centre now for 9 months and have never had any issues with anything going wrong. They deliver a fantastic service and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great, reliable service.
  • David Halliday
  • Operations Manager
  • Urgent Couriers
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I am very pleased to have selected and contracted The Call Centre Ltd to provide after hour call centre service since 2001. This has enabled WATIS to provide a quality, efficient and seamless 24-7 interpreting service. We provided training and system and ongoing support to The Call Centre Team to ensure that they know what we require and expect and are supported. From my perspective, the Call Centre team is efficient and capable to handle any crisis and urgent coordination of interpreting jobs. The supervisors and the staff on duty are very friendly and helpful and will make sure they try their best to find an interpreter or call my team leader or me to work out difficult situations to ensure we meet the requestor’s needs/situations and I have not received any negative feedback from our requestors about the after hour call centre service. I am very impressed with The Call Centre team and we have enjoyed our partnership over the last 11 years.
  • Sue Lim
  • Service Manager
When I purchased Pegasus Rental Cars earlier this year and realized that their after-hours call centre wasn’t cutting the mustard I asked my manager to contact John Sheehan at The Call Centre to set up a new service as soon as possible. I knew from my past relationship with John and The Call Centre that I was putting my trust in the right people to look after our overflow and after-hours needs. We haven’t been disappointed, the setup up was smooth and efficient and they have provided us with a great service since we moved to them.
  • Adam Parore
  • Director
Your Property Matters Limited has been managing bodies corporate for 16 years and for the last five years have been a client of The Call Centre. We have been most satisfied in the way that The Call Centre has handled our after-hours calls, particularly with the experience shown in their judgement and decision making. We would have no hesitation in recommending The Call Centre with whom we see ourselves in a long term relationship.
  • Geoff Holgate
  • General Manager
  • Your Property Matters Ltd

I want to share with you a positive story. A staff member and I received a call from one of The Call Centre team members looking to organise an interpreter. Both of us were incredibly impressed with the service, the perseverance to make contact and the friendly phone manner that was evident. I’ve had similar experiences with others of your team but this was my staff member’s first interaction and she was blown away by the quality! Thanks for providing a great service!
  • James Bichan
  • I-Sign

Case Studies

The Open Poytechnic of New Zealand
TOPNZ like all tertiary educational institutes has seasonal call volumes and staffing to meet demand is at times problematic.
TOPNZ has utilised the services of the Call Centre Limited for over 10 years to provide enhanced student services where peak demands exceed the ability of TOPNZ’s own call centre to cope.  The Call Centre Limited now provides similar services to a number of other tertiary education providers.

The Call Centre Limited has developed specialist skills to support organisations providing tertiary education. Our call centre currently provides customer service to institutions providing tertiary education to over 65,000 students nationwide.

Whether it is assisting with online enrolments, answering questions about course availability, course content or student eligibility, or working out study time commitments and FTEUs to assist with Studylink funding enquiries – our staff has the knowledge and capability to provide a professional back up to our clients’ own teams.

This expertise and knowledge has been built up over 10 years and The Call Centre Limited is the ideal backup to tertiary education providers grappling with staffing issues, or needing a reliable overflow or after-hours service to provide seamless customer services for their students and prospective students.

Your Property Matters Limited (YPM)
YPM Limited manages a very large portfolio of properties in Wellington on behalf of both Body Corporates and individual owners. Part of the service requires that 24 x 7 support is available to attend to any building maintenance issues that arise. YPM has engaged The Call Centre Limited to manage this process for them after hours.
YPM management can recaim their quality of life in the knowledge that The Call Centre Limited will deal with all service calls and that we will manage any delivery of service and technical support efficiently and effectively on their behalf at any hour of the day or night during weekends and evenings.
YPM Limited is amongst a growing number of clients who have come to realise that they can entrust the provision of afterhours technical support to The Call Centre Limited with the knowledge that our staff have not only the competence to deal with often quite complex service issues, but also have the dedication and commitment to see a job through to completion. One of the things we do exceptionally well is manage ‘mission-critical’ calls. We don’t drop the ball. Part of this success comes from having the staff with the nous required and the second is having the systems that facilitate good decision-making and which allows us to seamlessly maintain control and escalate an issue as required. We go out of the way to understand the drivers behind our client’s businesses, and go beyond the call to ensure that we deliver a service as good as it gets – we don’t pay lip-service to our motto of ‘taking care of business’ – we live up to it daily.
Gilbarco (NZ) Ltd
Gilbarco (NZ) is a company which combines two core businesses : the provision of services and products to the petroleum industry and the sale and servicing of weighing, testing and point-of-sale equipment. Gilbarco supports hundreds of sites nationally and many of these require 24 x 7 technical services support. Gilbarco did not want to operate its own call centre 24 hours a day and had tried several call centres in its search for a partner.
Gilbarco needed an outsourced partner to be able to provide services after hours. Because Gilbarco provide such a wide range of services and utilise a unique job management system they needed to be sure that their outsourced call centre partner had the capability to not only manage and ‘filter’ often highly technical and diverse technical fault calls but also manage this within their own systems environment. The Call Centre Ltd has demonstrated its capability to meet Gilbarco’s needs for over 10 years.

The Call Centre Limited has developed a considerable reputation for being able to expertly manage after-hours mission-critical fault calls and has proved time an time again that we can be relied upon to 1) determine the relative priority of a call, 2) to expertly initiate ‘incident-management’ protocols that ensure our clients and their customers are delivering and receiving the services which have been contracted to be supplied after hours, 3) to control any faults where there is any failure in the prescribed process and where we need to protect our client’s interests by following escalation procedures and 4) if necessary in the interest of good customer service, going beyond these procedures to satisfy a customer’s needs. In a nutshell we can be relied upon not to drop the ball.

Our services also include first-level triage support and fault resolution and we are adept at stepping callers through often quite extensive fault-finding scenarios to either resolve the call or before deciding whether a call needs to be escalated. We are also well-versed in generating fault calls or work requests directly into our client’s own helpdesk or job-management applications.

This section of our business is currently growing at over 30% per annum as word spreads about our capability and reliability.

WATIS Interpreting Service
WATIS provides interpreting services across a wide range of languages to Waitemata District Health Board and other users of interpreting services in Auckland. WATIS needed a reliable provider of after-hours services.
WATIS has utilised the services of the Call Centre Limited for over 10 years to locate and place interpreters after hours and often at short notice and in critical care situations.

The Call Centre Limited provides services to WATIS and now several other providers of after-hours and emergency interpreting services.

The Call Centre receives requests for interpreters by phone, fax or email, often in critical situations and often in the wee hours of the morning. We are tasked with finding and allocating an interpreter within 30 minutes, regardless of time of day or night. It is our job to contact interpreters from the interpreter schedule and once having obtained a commitment to attend, to confirm an ETA and to communicate this to the requester. The details of the job are also emailed or texted to the interpreter.

Because of the often ‘life and death’ nature of the incidents that an interpreter may be required for, WATIS needed to ensure that its afterhours partner had the staff, the systems and the capability to provide a seamless service that enhanced their own professional service. The fact that The Call Centre Limited has met WATIS’s expectations has resulted in them recommending our services to other interpreting service providers who have been similarly impressed with our capabilities.

Exceed Maintenance Network Ltd
As a growing nationwide franchise Exceed Maintenance needed to decide whether to develop its own in-house call centre or outsource. Realising that the dynamics of running a call centre were totally different to its own core service deliverables it decided to partner with The Call Centre.
Exceed Maintenance recognised that to free up their franchisees to carry on the business that derives the core income, and also to underpin business growth, that they needed a responsive, consistent and professional ‘public face’ for their national operations, and a support system that added real value for their franchisees. This clearly necessitated some form of centralised answering service and this is where The Call Centre Limited came in. This outsourced solution has allowed the franchise principals and franchisees to get on with doing what they do best, in the knowledge that their entire support systems are being taken care of, and that growth will be easily accommodated.

The Call Centre Limited has developed a wealth of experience over the past ten years in providing ‘operational support’ for a number of nationwide franchise businesses. We function as the ‘operations centre’ for a number of these, taking all their 0800 calls 24 hours a day resulting in a consistently high level of customer service for their customers nationwide.

Many franchise businesses, particularly those that are delivering trades services, are reliant on the franchise owners themselves providing the hands-on service delivery, often including answering phones. This challenge is met by franchisees in different ways and results in vastly differing service levels. The result is the lack of consistency and uniformity by which the franchise service is delivered nationally. This represents a huge issue and challenge for Master Franchisers trying to build a brand name and image on a national scale. For some national franchise businesses, the perceived solution is to establish their own call centre but in doing often fail to recognise that they are in fact buying into running a totally new business with totally different dynamics than their own core business.

An example of one who has adopted an outsourced approach from the beginning is Exceed Maintenance who’s Principals recognised very early on in the company’s development that to free up their franchisees to carry on the business that derives the core income, and also to underpin business growth, that they needed a responsive, consistent and professional ‘public face’ for their national operations, and a support system that added real value for their franchisees. This clearly necessitated some form of centralised answering service and this is where The Call Centre Limited came in.

As a result of the long term nature of our business relationship with Exceed Maintenance our CSRs see themselves as an integral part of the business and moreover the service ethics of the Exceed Maintenance business is instilled within our staff and the result is a quality of service that reinforces Exceed’s reputation as quality service provider.

Exceed Maintenance and others have been provided with highly cost-effective solutions which deliver exactly what they need, utilising state of the art technology without having had to pour their own precious capital into setting up new call centre infrastructure such as office space, telephone system and computer systems and employing staff. The franchisees’ who’s income is dictated by the amount of time they can spend productively, as opposed to carrying out administrative tasks, are freed up to get on and deliver income-producing activity.

This outsourced solution has allowed the franchise principals & masters to get on with doing what they do best, in the knowledge that their customer enquiry support services are being taken care of 24 x 7 by a partner who’s objective is to enhance Exceed Maintenance’s reputation for top quality service.