High Quality
Customer Services

We focus purely on providing outstanding inbound customer service. 

We are a family-run, boutique contact centre based in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand (Aotearoa).

We don’t offer different standards of service depending upon the nature of the call.
We believe whether it’s a simple message, or a complex technical support call — your clients should receive the same high level of service.

We encourage prospective clients to visit us in person, so that we can demonstrate our systems and staff.

These are our biggest assets and the key to our elevated customer service.

Inevitably, your services will be judged by how your contact centre performs.

 I encourage you to read our testimonials page which features comments from a number of our clients. 
These testimonials are demonstrative of the exceptional service that The Call Centre delivers.

It’s not marketing hyperbole…we do actually deliver on our service promise!