After Hour Emergency

After Hours & Emergency Calls

Are you struggling to manage your after hours business calls? Is this risking your service reputation?

Does your business mean you need to be available 24/7?

If your business is in need of a proactive and caring afterhours answering service or an emergency answering service, talk to the experienced team at The Call Centre.

After Hours Call Answering

It can often be hard to be available 24/7 and still have the right work/life balance. Although technology has allowed us to work from anywhere, it can often mean that family time is constantly interrupted by work calls.

Get the balance back that you and your family deserve. Let us take the calls that would usually interrupt you during family time and let us prioritise what information is passed on to you. This allows you to continue to live your life and decide who and when you respond.

Emergency Call Centre

At The Call Centre we have a dedicated team of people constantly manning our emergency call centre to manage your emergency answering service and co-ordinate your team.

When an emergency strikes it is important that the operator is able to stay calm and collected to ensure the call is dealt with in a prompt and effective manner. This isn’t something that should be delegated to just anyone and takes experience to do efficiently. Take away the worry and enlist the team at The Call Centre to ensure any emergency big or small is dealt with correctly the first time.

For more information on the best call centre Wellington has to offer, talk to the team at The Call Centre.

I am very pleased to have selected and contracted The Call Centre Ltd to provide after hour call centre service since 2001. This has enabled WATIS to provide a quality, efficient and seamless 24-7 interpreting service.

We provided training and system and ongoing support to The Call Centre Team to ensure that they know what we require and expect and are supported.

From my perspective, the Call Centre team is efficient and capable to handle any crisis and urgent coordination of interpreting jobs. The supervisors and the staff on duty are very friendly and helpful and will make sure they try their best to find an interpreter or call my team leader or me to work out difficult situations to ensure we meet the requestor’s needs/situations and I have not received any negative feedback from our requestors about the after hour call centre service.

I am very impressed with The Call Centre team and we have enjoyed our partnership over the last 11 years.

Sue Lim
Service Manager