Answer Services

6_service-keyboardPhone Answering Services

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. It’s simple – a good call centre should enhance your reputation for service. In a call centre context it’s about your callers being left with a good feeling about your business and happy enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others.

That’s what differentiates us from the others – the capabilities of our staff and an unwavering commitment to enhance our clients businesses. Our focus at The Call Centre is providing the highest quality telephone answering services available on a worldwide scale, with a personalised touch that is often lost by larger centres.

We provide services covering the globe, with calls originating in Australia, USA, UK and many other countries being professionally managed through our call centre, 24 hours a day.

Beyond the Phone Call

Answering the phone quickly is only part of the equation. Building our clients’ customer relations is the key to our business.  When customers call you and talk to our staff they won’t generally distinguish between your business and your call centre. The way our client’s businesses are perceived often comes down to their interaction with us. Accordingly we go out of our way to provide ‘knock your socks off’ service.  That’s what makes us different.  Our professional staff have the ability to think outside the square and if that means going beyond our client’s brief to satisfy a caller we will do so.

Our Answer Services Include:

Virtual Reception

Why pay a fulltime receptionist to field a handful of calls daily? Our objective is to provide a true ‘virtual reception’ for your customers and potential customers. Whether you are busy in a meeting or out on the golf course, our team will ensure that your calls are always answered in a professional manner by one of our NZ based staff every time.  Don’t miss out on business you deserve simply because you are busy and let our team get the message to you directly.

Customer Service Call Centre

Customer service is the area that can separate a struggling business from a market leader. We all know what it is like to receive poor service; don’t let your business be tarnished with that same brush. Whether it’s an advertising media response call, a call to find out information or a call to book a service, our staff will provide a level of service that enhances your reputation.

After Hours / Emergency

It can be extremely hard to have staff on hand 24/7. Why pay by the hour for downtime, when you can simply pay a modest monthly service fee and then a fee based on the number of calls received? With the age of technology there is no longer a need to incur excessive staff charges when this can be effectively outsourced.

Technical Support

One of the things we do exceptionally well is managing ‘technical and urgent assistance’ calls. We have built a reputation for not ‘ dropping the ball’. Part of our success comes from having the staff with the nous to know what is and what isn’t critical and to deliver a level of intelligence to make appropriate on-the-spot decisions on your behalf. The second is having the systems that facilitate good decision-making and which allow us to maintain control and escalate any issue as appropriate.